Electrosur Assemblies and industrial installations S.L.

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Electrosur Assemblies and industrial installations S.L.

ELECTROSUR S.L is a company which specialises in Electrical Installations

About Electrosur

ELECTROSUR S.L is a company which specialises in Electrical Installations, both Domestic and Industrial. In 1997 starts our activity as autonomous workers, changing soon to in a limited company in 2000. We have got specialists in all electrical branches and an Industrial Engineer.

The address of our Main Office is Avd. Del Estrecho, nave 4, Pol. Industrial La Menacha, Algeciras, 11204.

Electrosur, including its diaries, carries out work in the following fields:

  • General Electrical Installations.
  • Telecommunications.
  • IT Networking Solutions.
  • Electrical Projects.
  • General Plumbing Installations.
  • Air Conditioning Installations.
  • Installations of "Intelligent" & Thermal, Acoustic and Vibration Isolation. (Robotics and Programming)

Company Certifications and Registrations

  • Company Certified as a Sub-Contractor for State Sites, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Spain), in groups I and J.
  • ISO 9001:2000, Quality Assurance, certified, since 15th May 2006, by SGS (Register Quality Management Systems)

Professional Vocational Qualifications in:

  • Works in Low Voltage Overhead Power Lines, and
  • Loading and Unloading agent, by El Plan de Formación de Fundación Metal given by ATC3 (Concerning 15 Employees in total)

The Regulation, which the company follows, is the one required in Spain through the Reglamento Electrotécnico de Baja Tensión 2002 ( Low Voltage Regulation ). The Company's registration number is: 152

Company Employees carry the CCI (Individual Qualification Certificate in spanish) and are categorized as Specialists. They are:

The Company is registered in the "Telecommunication Installation Company":

Register. The Company Registration number is: 7885

The following are past references and projects which the company has embarked on since its establishment in 1997.

  • General Electrical Installations for Industrial Warehouses and Electrical Control Rooms (Both Low and High Voltage) for “Eastman Chemical” in San Roque.
  • New Electrical Installations for “Unitor” at Industrial Park Cortijo Real, Algeciras.
  • Extension of Public Lighting in New Areas of the “Petresa” Factory, belonging to Cepsa Group.
  • Complete Installation of “Intelligent Homes” in Edificio Almanzor located in Zona Franca, Industrial Park “La Menacha”, Algeciras. (Electrical and Telecommunications Installations with a central control distribution system consisting of an ABB Bus for control of; Luminaries, Electrical Distribution and Air Conditioning, Electrical Charges and possible Troubleshooting of Problems that may occur.
  • Electrical and Telecommunications Installations for Various Industrial Warehouses and offices both in the Port of Algeciras and in the Industrial Park “La Menacha”
    • Reinmar
    • Transmediterranea
    • Europa Ferrys
    • Integral Transport Service
    • Bodegas La Bahia
    • Degrá Bahía
    • Property Development Company of Zona Franca de Cádiz
    • Benitez Paulete
  • New Electrical Installations in the Thermo-Electrical Plant in Los Barrios, belonging to “Sevillana”
  • Electrical Installations in various housing blocks in regions of Cadiz and Ceuta.
  • Electrical Installations in Colegio La Huerta de la Cruz in Algeciras
  • Various Electrical Installations for the following Military Installations (Ministry of Defence):
    • Military Residence Otero, Ceuta
    • Military Residence Galera, Ceuta
    • Electrical Installations for Ammunition Dumps el Renegado in Monte Hacho, Ceuta
    • Plumbing and Electrical Installations in Military Residence fuerte de Santiago, Algeciras
    • New Installations in Tear – Battalions in San Fernando
    • Ongoing Electrical Maintenance in Processing Centers USTM Racta nº5, Ceuta
    • High Voltage Installations in Quarter Viña Acevedo, Ceuta
  • New Installations for the National Institute of Social Security in Algeciras, Spain
  • Low Voltage Electrical Installations for Control Room and Lighting for common areas in the “El Rosario” Industrial Park in Algeciras
  • Low Voltage Electrical Installations for Control Room and Lighting for common areas in the “Las Marismas” Industrial Park in Los Barrios
  • Various High Voltage Electrical Installations throughout Spain
    • Transformer Substation in Sierra Plata (Tarifa).
    • Transformer Substation in Llanos del Juncal (El Bujeo, Pelayo).
    • Transformer Substation in Gicofa.
    • Transformer Substation in Almanzor building.
    • Transformer Substation in Albisa.
    • Transformer Substation in Military Residence Cortadura (Cádiz).
    • Transformer Substation in Capitanía (San Fernando).
    • Transformer Substation in Mancomunidad de Municipios (Algeciras).
    • Transformer Substation in La Motilla.
    • Transformer Substation in Ulises Hotel(Ceuta).
    • Transformer Substation in Otero Health Center(Ceuta).
    • Transformer Substation in El Tarajal (Ceuta).
    • Transformer Substation in Cruz Roja (Ceuta).
    • Transformer Substation in Military Hospital (Ceuta).
    • Transformer Substation in Ambulatory Ceuta.
  • Electrical Installations in the following Service/Petrol Stations:
    • Tamoil, Industrial Park Guadarranque in San Roque.
    • El Cuartón, Tarifa.
    • El Saladillo, Pelayo.
    • Eroski, Shopping Mall las Palomas, Algeciras.
    • CEPSA, upgrade of EE SS Guadacorte.
    • EESS Castellar de la Frontera
  • New Electrical Installations in Cepsa Elf Gas in San Roque
  • Electrical Installations in the following Motor Vehicle Sales Warehouses:
    • Tratauto (Fiat Agents).
    • Automociones Gallardo (Nissan Agents).
    • Alvarez Nuñez (Scannia Agents).
    • Autorecambios Lomeña.
    • Autransa (Cortijo Real, Algeciras).
    • Turial (El Zabal, La Linea).
  • Electrical installations and Low Voltage networking in Car Wash in National Road 340
  • Electrical and Telecommunications Installation for 8 Luxury Developments in Sotogrande, San Roque
  • Electrical, Telecom and Plumbing Installations carried out in 58 developments in “Acebuchal Bajo, La Ermita” in Algeciras
  • Electrical, Telecom and Acclimatization Control Installations for a Pharmaceutical Warehouse in “La Menacha” Industrial Park in Algeciras, belonging to Gicofa
  • Electrical, Telecom, Acclimatization and Plumbing Installations in the new Headquarters of Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar (Office Block)
  • Public Lighting Installations with Control Boxes for streets areas in the town of Los Barrios
  • Electrical installation in high Voltage of Wind power generators for VESTAS in “Vejer I”.
  • Electrical, Telecom and Plumbing Installations for approximately 153 Houses in “La Barriada del Arroz” in Algeciras next to “El Corte Ingles.”
  • Various Sites for the Ministry of Defence (Spain) in the areas of; Algeciras, Los Barrios, San Roque, San Fernando and Cadiz.
  • Industrial Warehouses and offices of Algesa, in Algeciras.
  • Industrial Warehouses and offices of Carmin (Los Barrios).
  • Industrial Warehouses and offices of Albisa (Los Barrios).
  • General Electrical Installations for Industrial Warehouses and Electrical Control Rooms (Both Low and High Voltage) for Petrolifera Ducal in Ceuta.
  • General Electrical Installations for Administrative building (in Low Voltage) for Power Plants “Bahia de Algeciras I y II” in San Roque.
  • Electrical installation in high Voltage of Wind power generators for Vestas in “Vejer II y III”.

Current Projects being undertaken

  • Electrical installations, plumbing, Air conditioning, of  a gym in Sotogrande (San Roque), for Sacinsa.
  • Electrical installations, plumbing, air aconditioning and ventilation in Control Building in wind farm Las Palomas (Tarifa), for Eneoheliban.
  • Electrical, electronic, hydraulic and air conditioning installations made shipboard for Crosscomar:
    • Electronic-electric-hydraulic helm system.
    • Electro-hydraulic ballast control system.
    • Repair and adjust the Bow thruster.
    • Check and search for fails in fire protection Systems.
    • Replace Offnet equipment.

Company Details:


CIF: B-51010759

Ampliación Muelle de la Puntilla, número 107
Apartado de correo 147
51002 CEUTA


Avd. Del Estrecho, Parcela 9.8, nave 4.